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The Kidnapping of Rukmini

by Musical

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Hare Krishna.
Please write to if you would like to order the musical. After receiving payments you will be send the mp3 files.
Princess Rukmini: Gaurangi devi dasi
Narrator: Arjuna das
Sri Krishna: Kripamoya das
Sri Balarama: Jayadeva das
Prince Rukmi: Parividha das
King Jarasandha: Dwarakadisa das
The Brahmana: Thakur Bhaktivinoda das
A Prince: Michael Carless
Gandharvika devi dasi - Parividha das
Suvrata devii dasi - Thakura Bhaktivinoda das
Lyrics by Parividha das
Music by Parividha das - Dwarakadisa das - Aprameya das
Keyboards played by Dwarakadisa das & Aprameya das
Engineered & mixed by Dwarakadisa das
Master mix by David Raine
Produced and directed by Parividha das 1999


released June 8, 2015


Amrita Gaurangi dasi:
When I heard your Princess Rukmini musical for the first time it touched my heart. Your plays are just so real. As I am a visual person, I am seeing it all in my mind. It makes me closer to Krishna, as if I am there.
Thank you.

Sacinandana Swami:
Our Krishna consciousness movement needs a cultural basis, because it's the human condition that it requires culture in order to grow and blossom. I'm very thankful to those who supply such cultural basis in their many endeavors. Especially I welcome your talent of presenting ancient Krishna consciousness through western musicals. I think that in times to come your productions will serve as a bridge, over which many sincere souls will walk into the blissful land of Krishna consciousness. This CD is no exception of your musical and Krishna conscious genius.

Nrsimhananda das (ACBSP) ITV Productions:
I have dreams of producing movies of your musicals.
The work is professional, and the messages inspiring.
You have taken Srila Prabhupada's instructions to heart and dovetailed your producing and composing abilities in Krishna's service. The music is bold. The voices are celestial.
You have created an admirable body of work, and have set the stage for ambitious productions. I hope to work with you.

Sravaniya dasi (ACBSP):
Your musicals are delightful and imaginative! Not only is your work entertaining, but you have taken the care to keep it rigorously correct in scriptural details. The scenarios in the stories that amplify the themes are all properly portrayed. The only spin here is the tale.
These CDs make great gifts for parents and their kids, - I mean knock-your-socks-off great. They are a real Trojan horse as far as getting the message across to a broader audience. Bravo!

Guna Mani Nitai dasi (KKS):
This musical is so professionally done!
The voices employed to represent those epic characters are divine.
The whole mood of this enchanting pastime is beautifully captured.
All glories to your service Parividha Prabhu.

Kaliyaphani das (ACBSP):
Superexcellent! I thought , "Well I don't have time right now,
so I'll just listen to a bit of the overture of Rukmini's Kidnapping,
but then I couldn't stop!!! You're a star! This is so wonderful.



all rights reserved


Parividha Amsterdam, Netherlands

Parividha das was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1973.

He performed with
the Vaikuntha Players
in New York in 1977
and worked with the Bhaktivedanta Players in England from 1978 to 1985.

He has appeared as John the Baptist & Judas in the musical "Godspell", Mr. Lyons in "Blood Brothers" and Pharaoh & Jacob in "Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".
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Track Name: Narration
The King of Vidarbha, Maharaja Bhismaka had five sons and one daughter. His eldest son was called Rukmi and his daughters name was Rukmini.
She was very beautiful, intelligent, liberal minded and chaste.
From the many saintly persons and sages like Narada Muni, who visited
her father’s palace, the young princess came to know about Sri Krishna and simply by hearing about Him, she desired to surrender herself to the Lord’s lotus feet and become His wife.
All of her family members and relatives also agreed that Rukmini should
be given in marriage to Krishna. All but one, her eldest brother Rukmi.
Despite the desire of all the other family members, he arranged for her marriage with his friend Sisupala.
When Rukmini discovered this, she became very morose.
She knew she had only one cause of Krishna and so that she might not
be deceived, she selected a qualified brahmana as her emissary.

Princess Rukmini:
O best of the brahmanas; could you please do this for me?

Brahmana:My dear Rukmini, I feel very fortunate to convey your message to Lord Sri Krishna. Ofcourse I’ll go.

Princess Rukmini:
O thank you.

Without delay the brahmana left for Dvarakacity.
Having reached the gate of Dvaraka, the brahmana was led by the doorkeeper to the room, where Lord Sri Krishna was residing.
There he saw Him, seated on a golden throne.
The Lord immediately got up and offered His throne to the brahmana, after which He worshipped the brahmana exactly in the manner in which the demigods worship Him. He thus showed that to worship the devotee of the Lord is more valuable, then to worship the Lord Himself.
In due time the brahmana took his bath, accepted his meal and went to rest.
Track Name: You Have Taken My Heart
Princess Rukmini:

O infallible and most beautiful one
Those who hear about You
Absorb through their ears Your name and fame
Fixing Your form in their heart
All their suffering departs

I may be shameless in expressing myself so directly
But after hearing of Your beauty
Which fulfils all desires of all those who see
You have taken my heart, thus captivating me

If that, which is meant for the lion to eat
Is taken away by the jackal as a treat.
Won’t that be a most ludicrous affair?
Therefore lion amongst men please come here

Hurry, please hurry, before Sisupala will dare
Hurry, please hurry
He intends to run off with that which is Your share

My dear Lord
If in my previous life I have done
Public welfare work or pious activities
If Lord Narayana is pleased by these activities
I pray that You will take my hand
Instead of Sisupala and friends

I want You to be my husband
And I dedicate my life
And if You will be my husband
I’ll be Your eternal servant and wife

As my marriage is already settled, the only way for me is to be Your wife is that You come here and rescue me.
The best time for this would be when I’m going from the palace to the temple or when I’m returning home.
To obtain Your favour is not as easy, as even Lord Shiva has to purify himself for this purpose, therefore if it’s not possible in this lifetime,
I will observe severe austerities and penance’s life after life.

I want You to be my husband and I dedicate my life
O if You would be my husband
I’ll be Your eternal servant and wife