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Sudama Brahmana

by Musical

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Hare Krishna.
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Narrator: Lilavati devi dasi
Sudama Brahmana: Parividha das
Sudama's wife: Suvrata devi dasi
Queen Rukmini: Gaurangi devi dasi
Sri Krishna: Jayadeva das
Guards: Arjuna das - Dwarakadisa das
Maidservants: Gandharvika dasi - Suvrata dasi - Gaurangi dasi
Sandipani Muni: Sakshi Gopal das
Gandharvika dasi - Gaurangi dasi - Sakya Rasa Prema das
Shyamasundar das - Suvrata dasi - Thakura Bhaktivinoda das
Balarama - Jaggi - Nadia - Nayika - Vishnu Priya
Lyrics by Parividha das - Giriraja das
Music by Parividha das - Giriraja das - Dwarakadisa das
Acoustic Guitar by Aprameya das
Other instruments & programming by Dwarakadisa das
Engineered & mixed by Dwarakadisa das
Produced and directed by Parividha das 1996


released June 7, 2015


Rudradeva das (ACBSP):
The recording of your Sudama CD is so well-done. First-quality audio, and all the singing and performances are equally 1st-class, as I've come to expect from you. What's so nice about your singing is that when you listen carefully, one can notice how you're particularly careful about every note, every slight fluctuation in volume or pitch to help make the scene perfect and believable. Sometimes just a minute detail can make a big difference in the way an audience receives something (as you well know, obviously). You really did a nice job.

Vrajanath das (JPS) Mayapur:
Your CDs are wonderful, and we are so thankful to you and those devotees, who have contributed to the making of these musicals.

Aksh Sharma New Jersey USA:
These CD's are phenomenal in the quality of recording and content. Being involved in similar projects, I can imagine how much effort went into this work. A must-have for theatre groups wishing to perform fresh and exciting dramas and musicals.

Bharat Santani Mumbai:
Both the CD's I bought in Vrindavan are just mind blowing. The CD of Sudama Vipra is brilliant. The words are so sweet. It's a beauty! I love the tracks "We Are The Guards of Dwarka", the songs of Rukmini and Krishna, and Sudama and his wife. The maha mantras on the CD are just toooooo amazing! It feels sooo good. It makes your heart melt, and makes you feel that separation from the Supreme Lord Krishna. Thank you so much.



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Parividha Amsterdam, Netherlands

Parividha das was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1973.

He performed with
the Vaikuntha Players
in New York in 1977
and worked with the Bhaktivedanta Players in England from 1978 to 1985.

He has appeared as John the Baptist & Judas in the musical "Godspell", Mr. Lyons in "Blood Brothers" and Pharaoh & Jacob in "Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".
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Track Name: Lotus-eyed husband
Queen Rukmini:
My dear lotus eyed husband: Being self-satisfied
You do not care in the slightest whether I’m beautiful or qualified
Therefore I wouldn’t be astonished if You were unattached to me
For you cannot be bound by a woman, however exalted she may be

The material mode of passion is also made by You
So Your passionate glance upon me I consider my great fortune
But whether or not You need me, my desire is to be
Always engaged in service at Your lotus feet. At Your lotus feet

Sri Krishna:
My most beautiful princess: You are so chaste and true
I don’t think that any of my consorts loves me more then you

I’m so pleased to understand how much love you have for me
So whatever you may desire, I’m at your service eternally

If any of my devotees, who are completely depended upon me
Might happen to ask me for something
Such desires cause them to be free

Dear Rukmini: By you I’ve been purchased
I’m ever under Your control
To repay you is not in My power
For your love remains within my soul