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Dhruva Maharaja

by Musical

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Hare Krishna.
Please write to if you would like to order the musical. After receiving payments you will be send the mp3 files.
Queen Suruci: Gaurangi devi dasi
Queen Suniti: Haraprana devi dasi
Narada Muni: Parividha das
Dhruva Maharaja: Gaurangi devi dasi
King Uttanapada: Jayadeva das
Lord Vishnu: Kripamoya das
Svayambhuva Manu: Jagi
Kuvera : Jagi
Devas: Parividha & Jagi
Vishnudutas: Jagi
Lyrics by Parividha das
Music by Parividha das & Alex "Jagi" Bibanovic
Acoustic guitar by Dave "Dharma" Stuckey
Keyboards and musical arrangements by Alex "Jagi" Bibanovic
Recorded by Alex "Jagi" Bibanovic & Dwijamani das
Mastered by Alex "Jagi" Bibanovic
Produced and directed by Parividha das 2000


released June 9, 2015


Lokanath Swami:
While listening to your Dhruva Maharaja musical, I remembered how it was one of the first stories I was told as a child.
You have nicely packaged the dramatic narration with contemporary music. It's quite a unique presentation. I really liked it.

Bhawesh Shaz:
I got the CD of Dhruva Maharaja at Bhaktivedanta Manor on Sunday. That night I listened to it in the car while taking my friends home.
Me and my friends really enjoyed it. It made our journey very transcendental. Since then I have also listened to it at work, and the more I listen to it the more I love it. All those devotees involved have done a tremendous job of bringing the pastimes of Dhruva Maharaja to life. The music is ecstatic, and the voices are very befitting. I particularly like yours, Gaurangi's and Kripamoya's. Truly a work of art, which I'd like to see performed live on stage one day!

Hemanga das:
On our way back home we were listening to the Dhruva Maharaja musical. After the first two parts I imagined myself how wonderful preaching tool you have produced and how nice it will open the hearts for our philosophy in the western world. Mixed with this vision and the feelings of leaving Radhadesh my hairs stood on end, and I wept literally tears almost the whole way up to Liege. My dear wife had to calm me down by massaging my arm all the way.

Sivarama Swami:
Overall I think the Dhruva Maharaj musical is a wonderful production.
It woves nicely. Arjuna's narration is seamless, professional and the music is pleasing.

Jaya Bhadra dasi:
Regarding your Dhruva Maharaja musical: I especially like that you extract scripture which is so essential. Narada's first instructions could convince anyone, but you so wonderfully portrayed how it didn't persuade Dhruva. You did it again prabhu! --- Another masterpiece. ---

Rati Manjari dasi:
I listened to Dhruva together with my son of seven. He listened attentively as I translated the words. When I told him that Dhruva Maharaja was about 5 when he went to the forest, I could see that this idea fascinated him. As boys amongst each other always like to compete, he asked me if he could also do such a thing? I told him that I did not know, as it was very extraordinary, but perhaps he could, if he really wanted to. Immediately the story took on a different dimension for him. I believe in the power and importance of exposing our children to stories like those of Dhruva, because these stories offer them a whole different type of heroes than the phoney cartoon characters on everyday TV. The adventures of these timeless role models will always add auspiciousness to our lives.

Vinode manjari dasi (SDG) Radhadesh Belgium:
Your contribution to our movement through music and drama is wonderful, enlivening, relaxing and inspiring. I love your song as Narada describing the beauty of the Lord. You must have sung it with full devotion from your heart, as you want to hear it again and again.

Krsna-ksetra das (ACBSP):
Your Dhruva musical is a pleasure to listen to.
As a musical it renders the story in a dramatic and entertaining way.
It shows great promise as a way to render so much more of our tradition's narratives, making it more accessible to a much wider audience than would otherwise be attracted, and of course it will be especially attractive to children.

Cintamani Engelhardt USA:
Your musical of Dhruva Maharaja is so nice. I liked the singers that you chose for the different parts. Everything was so professionally done.
I felt as though I was actually there within the story of Dhruva. Please continue making more of these wonderful CD's so we can always fill our ears with the sound of Krishna's pastimes.



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Parividha Amsterdam, Netherlands

Parividha das was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1973.

He performed with
the Vaikuntha Players
in New York in 1977
and worked with the Bhaktivedanta Players in England from 1978 to 1985.

He has appeared as John the Baptist & Judas in the musical "Godspell", Mr. Lyons in "Blood Brothers" and Pharaoh & Jacob in "Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".
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Track Name: Child

Svayambhuva Manu, who was born of Lord Brahma, had two sons, who were both very competent to rule the universe. he eldest son
King Uttanapada had two queens, named Suniti and his favorite Suruci. Once, the King was playing with his youngest son Uttama, born of Suruci. While he was thus engaged, his eldest son Dhruva, who was born of Suniti, wanted to join in the fun and tried to climb on this fathers lap, but the King was reluctant to let him do so, due to the disapproving glance of his beloved queen Suruci.


His son you might be. With that I don’t disagree
But that doesn’t mean, you can sit on his knee
You’re not qualified! Can’t you see?
Your attempt is doomed to fail
Because you weren’t born from me
I don’t think it’s very wise
To try to fulfill what you can’t realize
You are trying to instill a desire, impossible to fulfill!
Only my offspring can please the King
Whatever you do haha won’t change a thing
So, if you are still desiring
To sit on the throne or the lap of the King
You have to forgo living in luxury
And undergo severe austerities
To satisfy Lord Hari!
And then by His mercy
Take your next birth……..
From Me