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released May 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Parividha Amsterdam, Netherlands

Parividha das was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1973.

He performed with
the Vaikuntha Players
in New York in 1977
and worked with the Bhaktivedanta Players in England from 1978 to 1985.

He has appeared as John the Baptist & Judas in the musical "Godspell", Mr. Lyons in "Blood Brothers" and Pharaoh & Jacob in "Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".
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Track Name: Café Concoctione
Harry Bowl: Radha Mohan das
Felicity Bowl: Asta Sakhi dasi
Waiter: Parividha das
Track Name: The Bird in the Cage
Narrator: Arjuna das
Woman: Bhogini dasi
Mrs Balderdash: Moksha Laksmi dasi
Vicar: Murari Gopal das
Bird: Parividha das
Track Name: The Boatman and the Scholar
Professor Swatalot: Radha Mohan das
Bala the boatman: Parividha das
Track Name: The Cobbler and the Brahmana
Narada Muni: Trinabhi das
The cobbler: Srutidharma das
The brahmana: Parividha das
Sri Narayana: Kripamoya das
Track Name: The Drowing Man
Felicity Bowl: Asta Sakhi dasi
Harry Bowl: Radha Mohan das
Woman with camcorder: Moksha Laksmi dasi
Her daughter: Gita
Postman Pat: Arjuna das
Man 1: Ravi das
Man 2: Murari Gopala das
Man 3: Dharani Dhara das
Jack Gate: Dwijamani das
Track Name: The Genie in the Lamp
Budhi: Radha Mohan das
King: Parividha das
Genie: Parividha das
Sari seller: Arjuna das
Woman: Arjuna das
Track Name: The Science Teacher
Teacher: Radha Mohan das
Hare Krishna student: Navadvip Candra das
Christian student: Gaura Hari das
Track Name: The Wrong Bank Account
David Wimbledon: Radha Mohan das
Chris Bucklemouth: Jaya Gopala das
Harry Smith: Dwijamani das
Yamaraja: Radha Mohan das
Female cashier: Shantha Ram
Female news reader: Bhogini dasi
Male news reader: Arjuna das
Sankirtan devotee: Dwijamani das
Yamaraja's scribe: Parividha das
Track Name: Dracula Gets The Sauce
Dracula: Parividha das
Sankirtan girl: Suvrata dasi